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Dori Nissenson


Providing You with Premium Physical Therapy Care at Home.

Hands On At Home Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the most individualized and comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation programs.  My commitment to excellence begins with a focus on personalized attention.  


I treasure my relationships with my patients and strive to return them to maximal function in little time.  My unique experience allows for intensive hands-on treatment in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s own home - I travel to you.


I accelerate healing by performing detailed assessments of my patients in order to carefully understand how their diagnoses affect their daily lives.   I then devise and execute integrative and individualized treatment plans aimed at optimal recovery.


The results are extraordinary.

Hands on at Home Physical Therapy

Dori Nissenson

Committed to providing you with quality, unique in-home physical therapy.  
My focus is to make it easy to schedule and easy to get the premium treatment you need!
Better care is just a click away
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