I believe in treating the whole person.

With an advanced neurological and orthopedic academic and clinical background, I am able to analyze biomechanical relationships throughout the body and identify faulty movement patterns.  

For every patient, I conduct a detailed and thorough assessment.

I devise a personalized treatment plan based equally on clinical findings as well as the patient’s goals for return to their daily activities. 

For patients with orthopedic diagnoses, I follow the pathology joint-to-joint, muscle-to-muscle to carefully determine its origin.  In this way, I treat the problem to prevent its recurrence. 


For patients with neurological diagnoses, I restore normal movement patterns and change their “neural map” through advanced handling techniques.  

My sessions are 100% “hands-on” as I believe

manual therapy and patient re-education

are imperative for maximal recovery.  

I work in close consultation with your physician in order to customize a treatment program to increase function and enhance overall well-being.  

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