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See below for  some thoughts shared by some of my patients...

"I met Dori at New York Hospital in 2009 and asked her to continue to treat me in my home for my Multiple Sclerosis. Dori is an intelligent, creative and dedicated clinician.  Due to my diagnosis, I often have pain in my joints. Dori not only addresses my neuro-muscular symptoms due to my MS, but she treats the secondary joint pain issues that I have. It is with this holistic approach that Dori achieves the success that she does with her  patients." 


~ Robert, NYC

a patient with Multiple Sclerosis

"I was trying to fulfill my life long dream of running the NYC marathon.  When hamstring problems derailed my training, my doctor said I would need physical therapy if I had any chance of completing the marathon.  My doctor and Dori worked together to devise a comprehensive plan to get me back on the road.  Not only did Dori work with me twice a week to prepare me physically for the big day, but she gave me the confidence to know that my body would hold up.  I would NEVER see anyone else again.  She was nothing short of amazing... even my doctor agreed!"

~ Lauren Field, Fairfield, CT

a patient with hip and foot pain


"I met Dori at New York Presbyterian Hospital.  We worked there together for 10 years.  In that time, I came to know Dori as an extremely talented physical therapist.  Dori has incredible clinical skills.  What makes her unique, is that she focuses on the patient diagnosis but considers how that diagnosis affects their other body systems.   She uses this holistic approach to thoroughly assess and treat her patients, returning them to maximal  function quickly.  She was regarded as a clinical and academic resource during her time at NYPH.  Her broad repertoire of skills ranging from orthopedics to neurology and her gentle but focused “bedside manner” make her the best choice for a physical therapist."


~ Tracy Maltz, DPT, OCS
Physical Therapy Supervisor, New York Presbyterian Hospital


"I have had chronic neck and back pain for years.  I've been to various specialists and I cannot recall anyone who is more gifted, thorough and talented than Dori.  She has been treating me for the past few months and in that short time she has completely eliminated my lower back pain. Each week she evaluates my whole body and she was able to see that my lower back problems were coming from my feet which was throwing off my alignment.  Now I am able to run without experiencing any lower back pain afterwards...what I call life-changing!  I would recommend Dori to everyone who needs PT, she's the best!!!"


~ Aimee Rein, Westport, CT

a patient with low back pain


"I met Dori shortly after I had a stroke a few years ago and I was immediately impressed by her professional expertise as a physical therapist.  Dori has introduced me to so many innovative and challenging exercises that have been instrumental in my progress.  Moreover, she has become the coordinator of my recovery tem which includes occupational therapists and orthopedic specialists.  I appreciate all of the skills that Dori has and would heartily recommend her."  


~ Hartland Kunzel, NYC

a patient s/p stroke 


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